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Gahhhhh Let Go!

Ok so yeah dude brain let her the fuck go. You cant have her. Leave her alone. She has another life, that dosent include you. You asked her and she said that it needed to stop. Don't beat yourself up like this. Just let her go please. This is killing me. I know what I need to do. I need to stop loving her leave my feelings for her in the past. Thats all we can ever be is just a memorie.

What the fuck what the fuck. why does love have to hurt this much. How did i ever get myself into this. You knew you could never have her the way you wanted her yet you let yourself fall for something that you knew would hurt you. I deserve this pain. I have been a shitty friend. I have been a shitty person. I went against all i belive in. I went agaisnt all i ever said i would never do.

Fuck it dude. Im so blah fuck it all to hell. why cant i ju8st ahve lots of drugs that would be great
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