i finally woke up...aren't you proud? (wishuponthemoon) wrote in shattered_stars,
i finally woke up...aren't you proud?

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i was always taught to tell others how i was feeling because that's the only way to make it better....well that's bullshit. it only makes you vunerable.

i'm tired of being vuneralbe. i'm tired of crying and i'm tired of life in general. so fuck it. i'm not going to put my heart out on the table and have it smashed into itty bitty pieces anymore.

i'm sorry i wrote you that email. infact..i'm sorry i ever gave my heart to you. i don't want to give my heart away to anyone again. because when i give my all to someone i always end up getting jipped so fuck it.

i don't want anything to do with you anymore. i don't want to love you i don't want to speak to you i don't want your simpathy. and i don't want to be your friend.
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