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Why is it that my boyfriend doesn't understand a damned thing about me? Oh, he seems to -- it's that uncanny mind-reading ability he has, but the moment that I feel depressed or have an opinion he doesn't, he sits there whining "I don't understand, I don't understand, Explain it to me, I don't understand" -- I DONT WANT TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU! I SHOUDLNT HAVE TO!
I don't really want to go to class today. It's not really my class, I just have permission to sit in it. I'm not getting a grade, I don't participate, I just sit there BORED. My boyfriend is in the class. We're doing a project together. Together = I thought of the idea and it's MY IDEA and he's going to get the grade and all the credit. Which wouldn't suck so much if it weren't an ART CLASS. I'M THE ARTIST, HE'S THE GEEKY PROGRAMMER, AND HE'S GONNA GET CREDIT FOR MY IDEA!

And he was so ... Something... that I felt overwhelmed with guilt and now I have to go to the stupid class. And listen to him get credit for my idea. MY IDEA! *CryCry*

Maybe I should just step off and let him do his little vibrator idea.
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